Café 88 Food Concept Corporation was established in March of 2008. Its core business involves the importation of kitchen equipments and other food materials, food court concessionaire and retail of food and beverage products.

In 2009 Café 88 Food Concept Corp. established the store PAO PAO XIAO CHI in San Juan to cater to tea lovers and to those craving for authentic Taiwanese food snacks.

In our relentless effort to reach out to more customers, we decided to open our avenue for franchise to further develop and explore the vast market of bubble milk tea and fruit tea lovers alike.

Recently, in recognition of customers' ever-changing, fast-paced life style, as well as the lack of relaxation spaces and activities, we have launched our newest line of "Pao Pao Premium Tea Drinks Cart". Each one of these cart provides a "younger, livelier, and easy access" atmosphere for customers to enjoy.

The word Pao Pao when translated stands for "very full" and the word Xiao Chi means "small snacks."

Pao Pao Xiao Chi has been achieving steady and strong growth through unsurpassed compassion and dedication to the art of Bubble Milk Tea and Taiwanese Food Snacks.

Pao Pao Xiao Chi strives to provide excellent customer service and quality products. We used the traditional way of brewing tea while at the same time perfecting the cooking technique of bubble pearl.
Additionally, a Pao Card was created to ensure that customer loyalty remains one of our company's top priorities. It entices our customers to come back and purchase to earn more points in exchange for a free food or drink product.

Communication and feedback from our customers are well most welcome and received with great enthusiasm.

"Natural, Healthy, and Compassionate" have been the backbone of our management team. In the future, we are determined to introduce more efficient management techniques, achieve greater customer satisfaction and diversify our product lines.

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